Whether you’re looking to choose a meaningful career path or reignite the passion that drove you to your specific line of work, feeling a sense of personal value is vital in career engagement. A recent Gallup Poll study showed, approximately 70% of people across the United States are unsatisfied in their current work positions. Since these feelings of discontentment lead directly to a decrease in productivity and profit, finding ways to rejuvenate the passion in your current or future career path is essential in moving forward.


Even if you find yourself lacking a certain amount of appreciation when completing your current work assignments, there are always ways to find meaning in the midst of these tasks. A great example, is someone who finds meaning in helping others. Employees can use this inner passion to help their coworkers advance their own careers by lending a helping hand when needed. Implementing this into your current workload is an easy way to nourish your passion, making your current position more meaningful to you. Next to empowering others, the two most commonly held passions are gaining confidence and reading more often. Both of these passions can be easily integrated into your current job description as well. Simple tasks such as reciting personal mantras and reading more work-related material can help you reignite the passion with your current job title in these areas.


Now that we’ve tackled how effortless it can be to find ways to incorporate your passion into your current line of work, you may be wondering how to find what your true passion is in the first place. One of the best ways to successfully locate your inner passion is by thinking back to childhood. Childhood play has been shown to reveal our natural gifts, and our natural gifts are often what drive us towards ultimate fulfillment. Thinking back to what you were naturally drawn to as a child can help you pinpoint what you value most in life.


Reclaiming your career as one that you find value in is a great way to increase productivity, engagement, and overall profit. Heading into your place of employment each morning knowing that you’re doing something that you find worthwhile will help you exceed the expectations of your job description with higher levels of commitment. When you are able to sustain a sense of passion in what you do, the benefits extend beyond what you could imagine.