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Take control of your own destiny and build a successful business with Nick Anthony Zamucen. You'll learn everything there is to know about crime and trauma scene cleaning. In addition, you will learn how to make money and more importantly, keep the money you make. It's time for you to live a fulfilled life. You hold the key.

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Nick-Anthony Zamucen, President & CEO - Bio-One Inc.

"Nick-Anthony Zamucen" the President & CEO of Bio-One Inc. The first and only successful franchised crime scene cleaning company. Nick-Anthony has done for the "crime & trauma scene cleaning industry" what Mark Zuckerberg has done for social media. He is also a published author, business strategist, and an award winning serial entrepreneur that has had tremendous success in various business ventures.

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Nick-Anthony Zamucen

Nick-Anthony Zamucen Regardless of the number of times you hear Nick-Anthony Zamucen's success story, it never gets boring. His success story is not only timeless, it's rare. Hardly do we come across a franchising business which has 100% success rate. Nick-Anthony's company, Bio-One Inc is one of those rare ones.

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Bio-One Inc. CEO Takes Crime and Trauma Cleanup Industry By Storm - Business Opportunities

Nick-Anthony Zamucen is leading the charge in the crime and trauma scene cleaning industry. Nick-Anthony, founder and CEO of Bio-One Inc., has taken his industry knowledge to Hollywood and beyond, teaching We recently sat down with Nick-Anthony to discuss his core belief that "Success breeds success" and how he has drawn upon his own experiences to create a highly successful franchise with proven results - a perfect 100 percent track record of business owners.