Knowing how to lead under pressure is a necessity for leaders in the business world. Whether you are the owner of a business or in charge of managing two employees, you will face periods of pressure. Leaders who excel under pressure and stressful times do not panic, rather they have control, demonstrate confidence and boost confidence in others. Here are my five tips for leading under pressure.


Manage Yourself

The first key to successfully leading under pressure is to continue to manage yourself. If you cannot handle the pressure, then it will be impossible for you to influence others. Be sure to stay accountable for yourself, stay on time with tasks, and keep a positive attitude.

Asses and Plan

Be sure to take a step back and assess the situation. Evaluate what is causing the stress and try your best to understand why it’s happening, then you can make a plan of action. Do not just plow forward, develop a plan for success. Additionally, you should get your employees involved and ask for their input on the plan.

Control Expectations

Sometimes, stressful times can be caused by unrealistic expectations. The best leaders know how to control and manage expectations without expecting perfectionism. Instead of aiming for perfection, aim for progress and strive for excellence. Lolly Daskal, a highly sought-after leadership coach, explains that aiming for perfection is a vicious cycle. “Perfectionism leads to procrastination, and procrastination adds to your pressures,” Daskal said. “Learn to let it go.”

Delegate Effectively

Delegating tasks is an essential part of leading, and it’s especially important when you are faced with pressure. Delegate tasks effectively so that you are optimizing both your time and your employees’. Don’t be afraid of asking for help as a leader.

Improve Body Language and Attitude

As a leader, your body language and attitude will affect those around you. Consider how you stand, speak, and respond to your team. One of the most valuable qualities of any leader in business is the ability to control emotions, regardless of the situation at hand at any time. Be sure to stay confident and calm during stressful times.


As a leader, you will be faced with stressful times and must lead under pressure. By continuing to manage yourself, staying positive, and being a team player will help you find success under pressure.


Nick Zamucen is the founder of Bio-One Inc., the first successful franchised crime scene and hoarding clean-up company and the founder of B.O.R. Restoration, the first restoration company that will collect insurance invoices for franchises. He’s also a published author, business strategist, and award-winning serial entrepreneur. Read more on his entrepreneurship advice or check out his Twitter!