Investing in yourself by starting a business can be a scary prospect, especially if things don’t go quite according to plan. Before long, a series of setbacks can leave you feeling frustrated and discouraged. Before deciding to throw in the towel, consider taking advice from successful entrepreneurs who have been right where you are now.


Embrace Your Uniqueness

If you’re going to be a follower, this is the wrong career path for you. The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who take bold risks and pursue dreams that make others doubt their sanity. Take a chance. Take several. If you fail, look for ways to improve upon your ideas.


Accept Your Failures

Failures will and do happen. Often. In fact, as many as 90 percent of start-ups fail their first time out, and many don’t do much better the second time. Perseverance is the key. Unless you’ve given up altogether, you haven’t really failed. You’re just facing obstacles to success.

Don’t Expect Everyone to Share Your Passion

This is your business, born from your dreams, so you should be passionate and energetic, but temper that enthusiasm around others. Even your own employees are in it for other reasons: a paycheck, career growth, the health insurance, etc. Recognizing that others may not share your excitement for the project will keep you from feeling disappointed and rejected.


Learn to Think on Your Feet

If you developed a strong business plan and expected that to be it, as far as your strategy for success, think again. That kind of rigid mindset will only lead to failure. You have to be flexible and learn to think on the go so that you can accommodate any unexpected challenges. If you can change direction as you move forward, you stand a much better chance of getting past the bad weather.


Collaboration is the Key to Growth

This means more than just networking with others in your industry. Take on projects that will let you learn about new industries or teach you new methods. By exposing yourself to a broad range of interests, you can adapt more quickly to future changes that will affect your business.


Starting your own business requires more than just a solid business plan. You have to be committed to success, open to change, and willing to learn new skills. Instead of accomplishing a dream, becoming an entrepreneur is more about launching a journey.


Nick Zamucen is the founder of Bio-One Inc., the first successful franchised crime scene and hoarding clean-up company and the founder of B.O.R. Restoration, the first restoration company that will collect insurance invoices for franchises. He’s also a published author, business strategist, and award-winning serial entrepreneur. Read more on his entrepreneurship advice or check out his Twitter!