There is no better season for networking than the holiday season. For people looking to advance in their careers or start a new job, holiday parties present a unique opportunity. If you are looking to network more over the holidays, get ready to accept as many invitations to holiday parties as possible. Getting into the holiday spirit makes it much easier to talk to would-be employers and future co-workers. Read on for a few tips on networking at holiday parties.


Accept Every Invitation

The more contacts one can make, the more potential job opportunities they’ll have. Take advantage of this by accepting all invitations to holiday parties. As people gather together to celebrate their favorite holidays, job-hunters will be able to find people they may never have met otherwise.


See Every New Person You Meet as a Potential Lead

Every person that one meets at a holiday party might be a potential lead for a new career opportunity. For this reason, it is important for every job-hunting party goer to introduce themselves properly. This is where practicing one’s elevator pitch comes in, as it is important to share all pertinent information in a short and informative introductory sound bite.


Ask for Advice

While mixing business and pleasure is generally frowned upon, when done carefully, it can work. Try asking for advice at a holiday party. By broaching other people’s area of interest with key phrases, individuals searching for jobs will be able to steer the conversation in that direction. Saying things like “I would like your opinion on…” or “I’m interested in getting to…” will work to encourage fellow party goers to talk about work-related topics.


Be Natural

Keeping the conversation as natural as possible is part of what makes networking at holiday parties so effective. By engaging others in casual conversation, party goers can make real connections that may eventually lead to business opportunities in the future.


Follow Up Later

Following up is essential after any networking event. After every holiday party, be sure to send a phone call, letter or email to any new connections. This will keep your name fresh in their mind and show that you have an interest in connecting with them.


Use every opportunity available to grow. Be sure to take advantage of networking at holiday parties by following these five tips to make new connections.