No matter what type of service you offer or what your products may be, you are still part of your community. When you show the locals you care about their welfare and you are dedicated to support and strengthen the local economy, they will take a mental note of everything you are trying to do for them. Therefore, they will be much more inclined to in turn, think of you when they want products or services your business provides.

Research what the needs are and pick one or more to take part. When you are also having fun, you are accomplishing extra goals in your life while leading your business to become valuable and relevant to your community.

Following are examples of how you can be involved in your community:

Join the Chamber of Commerce

Not only can you create valuable connections, but being a member builds credibility. According to a study, when people know a business is a local Chamber member, they are 44 percent more apt to think favorably of it and 63 percent more apt to purchase services or goods from it.

Serve on a Community Board or Charity

Find a community board or a charity that reflects what your business believes in. If you have common interests, it will make the partnership more natural and fulfilling. If your business has a stance against animal violence, an animal would be a great way to get involved.

Sponsor a local sports team

Sponsoring a local sports team can help the team and your business at the same time. Some teams may not have the funds for new jerseys, your business can purchase the jerseys for the team, while adding their name or logo to the jerseys, creating another form of advertising. Another way to become active in local sports is creating a company team itself. The fees to enter your team into a league can help support your local economy.

Participate in “shop local” events and festivals

The majority of towns host festivals, fairs, craft events, or parades throughout the year, especially for holidays. You can set up a table and run special sales and promotions.  You can also create a raffle to win prizes, this will have people write down their contact information. Now you have their information and interests in your company. You can send them future contests, promotions, and company updates.