Are you stuck on what to get your coworkers for the holidays? Many times you are put in the situation of having to do a secret Santa or a holiday gift giving and you don’t know a good gift to get your coworkers.  


Coffee Grinder

At-home coffee doesn’t have to miss out on freshly-brewed coffeehouse flavor. A coffee grinder will be greatly appreciated by any co-worker that is always complaining about the office is out of coffee or the price of making a coffee run.

Snack Box

Many employees bring their own snacks to work, raid the kitchen, or go to the vending machine at least once a day. These employees would greatly appreciate a snack box filled with salty or sweet snacks. If you know what your coworker enjoys, filling the box could be an easy task. For the coworkers you might not know as well, go for the general potato chips, pretzel, and chocolates. Check with the office on any allergies people may have.

Neck Massager

Some of the best gifts are the ones you’ll consider keeping for yourself, and a deep-kneading, warming neck massager is certainly no exception! Use it at home, the office, or even in the car with the included adapters. Sitting at a desk, looking down at reports, or even reading your morning paper can cause neck pain or discomfort. A neck massager is a great gift to help relieve the office of some stress!

Assorted Succulents

Succulents will bring a dose of much-needed freshness to a dreary office space. These plants are great to add as a decoration to your desk and also are low maintenance. If you take a vacation for a week, they will still be thriving when you return.

Portable Charger

Some of the best gifts aren’t extravagant but they’re practical. Gift a the handy, life-saving contraption that is a portable charger to any of your coworkers who frequently travel. They are easy to pack on carryons and a having a portable charger means you won’t have to stand near an outlet (that will most likely be full) in the airport waiting for your flight.

Coffee Mug Warmer

Forget about having to get up from your desk to reheat tea or coffee in the microwave; keep your beverage toasty and at the ideal temperature with this electric mug warmer. It’s perfect for the co-worker who’s never without a thermos or Starbucks cup between their fingers.