Some people like to take risks when creating or investing in a business. Some people like the tried and true. One almost guaranteed way to succeed is jumping on a brand’s success and opening a franchise store. People already respect the brand and making inroads is much easier than starting from scratch. Here are some franchises to invest in 2018 according to and

Restaurants are always an old favorite. Places like McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts are world-renowned franchises that exist everywhere and are almost impossible to turn down if the opportunity is there. These famous places are staples in almost every community and will continue to be for a very long time. Not a fan of the staples? Now with the shift toward health food, there are plenty of other places that also provides a lot of promise for the future. With the rise of organic-themed food and the trend of food culture moving toward healthier options, companies like Pita Pit and Nekter Juice Bar are also choices for those who would like to do something more different.

Another big sector is healthcare. As baby boomers age and more healthcare options are needed than ever. Innovations in the space are creating opportunities for those who would like to invest. One example is My Eyelab which uses innovative technology for eye care that doesn’t require full-time optometrists on site. These kinds of businesses are sure to grow in the future as both more people need healthcare and more advances in medical technology happen.

The other big field is real estate. Business is booming everywhere, and real estate markets continue to improve everywhere. The clamor to get into this sector is also very big, with many transactions being made daily. With steady growth, there is more demand for things like home inspections, real estate agencies, and property management companies. One such franchise is Image One Facility Solutions, a cleaning company. More properties mean more maintenance to be done, and this franchise was recently ranked as a top franchise by the Business Review.

As these examples show, a franchise is not just something popular like McDonald’s but also expands to many sectors people don’t think possible. It is worthwhile to think outside the box and make investments that aren’t as known – the ceiling is much higher!