As an employer, you want your staff to know how much you appreciate their hard work, and the holiday season is a great time to show that appreciation. Many companies pass out Christmas cards, offer holiday bonuses, or give small gifts to employees — but if you’ve done the same holiday thing for years, maybe it’s time to shake things up and get your employees motivated for the new year.

Try one of these out-of-the-box ideas to show your staff how much they’re appreciated this holiday season!

Designate an “office massage” day

Massages are a great way to relax and unwind, and everybody could use a little stress relief around the holidays. Choose a day just before the holiday break to rent a massage chair or hire a massage therapist for the whole office, and make sure everybody gets a little TLC at work.

Give the gift of time

Instead of the typical holiday bonus, consider offering your employees a more flexible way to get some cash with extra bonus days, flex-time hours, or work-from-home days to be used at the employee’s convenience. This type of bonus will give your staff something to look forward to throughout the year.

Present them with home services

The typical office holiday gift is related to work, but you can show extra appreciation to your employees by giving them something they can use at home. Some of the most helpful choices include gift certificates for snow removal or landscaping services, personal chef or meal delivery, and housekeeping services.

Hold a holiday award ceremony

Personal recognition at work can be highly beneficial and motivating, and it costs you nothing. Take some time to determine what each of your employees brings to the table, and then designate company awards for everyone on your staff, to be awarded publicly. Your ceremony can be formal or informal — you can even hold the awards at a traditional office holiday party, complete with snacks and drinks.

12 days of (office) Christmas

Instead of having one day or event for the holidays, spread the good cheer and keep staff morale up longer by planning a “12 Days of Christmas” appreciation event. Offer something new each day, such as casual dress days, early dismissal, gift exchanges, office-wide lunch parties, and designated decorating days.