According to the Council of Nonprofits, there is an increasing need for nonprofit services of all kinds within big cities, small towns, and local neighborhoods. While the demand for their influence has grown, the issues nonprofits face today play a significant role in the impact they have on the community. From fundraising to earning public trust, here are four of the top issues nonprofit entrepreneurs face today.

Time Management – Who doesn’t face issues with time management? There is just so much to do that it can be difficult finding the time to get it all done. This is precisely the case for non-profit entrepreneurs. Just as entrepreneurs must budget money, they must also budget their time. Create a goals list. Plan out where you want to be within a week, month, year, etc. Determine the best way to reach these goals and break them down into weekly tasks. This allows you to stay productive, know what you are working towards, and shows you what you’ve done, how far you’ve come, and how far you’re still planning to go.

Self-doubt – It isn’t easy to forge your own way and know that it will all work out. Entrepreneurs require a lot of confidence, self-worth, decisiveness, and courage. It is easy to get dispirited when someone goes wrong, but as an entrepreneur, it is your mission not to give up. Rather than wallowing in the arena of “will I or won’t I,” make a list of your goals and upcoming tasks. Focus your energy on getting things done, and as you complete different endeavors, you will be reassured of your path.

Funding – This is arguably one of the top challenges that non-profit entrepreneurs face.  While some states have government funding set up to contribute to the success of non-profit organizations, many non-profits will need to search out alternatives. Many organizations generate their income through the sale of products or services, although most require additional forms of funding until sales start picking up. Businesses looking to obtain further financial help should research various options, such as revenue streams, corporate investment, social investment, crowdfunding, and much more.

Earning Trust – Non-profits are often started as a way to battle a social issue or as a way to create social change, but oddly enough, these businesses can often have a tough time proving their impact and morality to the public. One non-profit’s disgraceful conduct can stigmatize all non-profits, making it difficult to maintain a healthy relationship with the community. While we can’t control how other companies act, it is beneficial for non-profits to remain transparent and honest throughout all goals, interactions, successes and failures to maintain a level of trust with leaders in the community.