The year 2019 is expected to present various opportunities for businesses to revamp their operations while exploring frontiers that have never been exploited before. From customer service to marketing and production, businesses are expected to reap heavily from various upcoming trends that are going to define 2019. Here are the trends that will be most prominent in 2019 and how they will transform day-to-day operations in businesses.


With competition on the rise, businesses would be expected to reinvent the concept of marketing with particular focus being made on personalized marketing approaches. This approach will generally increase the ability of businesses to convince new customers to choose their services over other companies. More businesses are also expected to utilize the opportunities presented in customer reviews in both product and services rendered by businesses. The reviews would act as a direct referral to new customers, thereby helping drive more sales.


Banking and funds transfer

With the banking sector already infiltrated with mobile and digital banking, 2019 is expected to present new opportunities in line with making mobile and internet banking safer and faster. Major drivers in the e-commerce industry such as Amazon and eBay are expected to launch their payment services to streamline their operations. The growing applications of digital banking mediated by the internet and mobile gadgetry are expected to face more challenges in regard to cybersecurity. In response, businesses would revamp their security systems to prevent such attacks.


Workplace engagements

The opportunities presented by the introduction of internet technology and connectivity are expected to revolutionize the way businesses relate to their workers. More employees will tend to prefer working remotely, thereby spending less on commuting to their workplaces. Also, businesses would increase their investments on measures targeted at making the employees happier. The happier employees will be expected to be more productive in their workplace, thereby benefiting the businesses.


Workplace connectivity and big data

Workplace connectivity through the Internet of Things is expected to revolutionize sharing and processing of corporate data. Devices facilitating workplace operations in different departments are expected to be interconnected to enhance automatic sharing of data. Big data processing and handling are expected to define part of organizations’ strategizing process.


2019 presents new opportunities for businesses to improve their operations and align themselves competitively.  Emphasis will also be created on ensuring more satisfied employees who will be at liberty to work from remote stations. Harnessing the new opportunities presented will define the ability of businesses to succeed in the market.