Since the digital revolution took off, one new benefit we’ve experienced is the ability to work remotely. Indeed, there are a number of advantages for employees, especially those with busy family lives. Yet, they’re not the only ones reaping the benefits of this new trend. More employers are recognizing the advantages associated with allowing workers to do their jobs remotely.


Happier Employees are More Productive

Employees love the option of working remotely because it provides them with more flexibility. They’re free to take care of their families, make important appointments, or to take some time for themselves. In return, research indicates that remote employees are more productive overall. Many have even reported that they feel more productive and eager to perform well in a remote situation.


Attracting Top Talent

This works in two ways. First, the option to work remotely will attract more candidates to an employer’s open position. In fact, this is quickly becoming a perk that many professionals look for in a new position. Secondly, allowing staff to work remotely means an employer can hire an individual in any location. If the best IT professionals in the country happen to live on the west coast, but your operation is on the east coast, hiring him to work remotely may be an incentive for him to take the position.


Remote Workers Save on Expenses

How much money do you lose each day in giving out breaks to your employees? They’re still on the clock, but they’re not working. Conversely, if they’re working from home, they’re taking breaks on their own time. Additionally, they’re not using resources, such as the company break room’s facilities, the office printer, and other items that drain the budget. Instead, they’re using their own resources at home.


Remote work is an option that continues to grow, as both employees and employers recognize a vast wealth of benefits to the concept. The ability to work from home helps everyone feel more valued and happier in their positions, which means they’re getting more accomplished for the company.


Nick Zamucen is the founder of Bio-One Inc., the first successful franchised crime scene and hoarding clean-up company and the founder of B.O.R. Restoration, the first restoration company that will collect insurance invoices for franchises. He’s also a published author, business strategist, and award-winning serial entrepreneur. Read more on his entrepreneurship advice or check out his Twitter!