Many people want to be more successful in the workplace. Remember, high performers tend to receive higher payment and raises for their performance. Additionally, your work satisfaction can rise if you are succeeding. Here are some ideas to improve your work performance.




It’s a good idea (especially when starting out) to be seen. Always show up on time or a little early. It will show your boss that this job is important to you. Spending more time in the office allows you to do your best on all your tasks. It is important though to use your time wisely. Don’t stay late just because you think it will get you noticed by your boss. It could look as though you are not able to finish your tasks within the work day and could reflect poorly on you.


Look for a mentor


Many companies have specific programs set up to to encourage the mentoring of employees. This can be very important to career growth. Not only will you be able to model yourself after someone but you’re able to network with a corporate veteran. Additionally, later in the years at the company you could join the mentorship program as a mentor, helping new employees learn the business and job.


Remember your personal presentation


It’s sometimes easy forget your personal presentation. Once you get comfortable at a workplace, you may not think you have to impress anyone anymore. Not saying you should wear your best suit you wear to interviews every day but putting time into your appearance can be beneficial since employees are the face of the company. You do not want to make your company look unkempt.


Always do your best


Trying your best will show your managers that the tasks given to you are important and you are trying to grow as an employee. You won’t always succeed when doing your best but that shouldn’t deter you from trying every time. If you look at a project you think you can’t do and tell your boss that, it won’t look as good at your employee review. But if you told your boss, you would try to solve the issue and did put effort into it, it will look better on you for trying.


Build a social network


Really try to avoid being the loner at a workplace. Having friends and acquaintances around will improve your mood at work. It will also make coming into work easier if you enjoy the people you work with. It doesn’t mean you have to be friends with everyone, it just means you have people to go to.  Just as important, they can serve as a support network and help you out with your work tasks.


Stay organized


To do lists and calendars can work miracles. While these tools sound basic, they really do help with structure and remembering things. Being organized is very important in the workplace. People get organized in different ways. Sometimes making a work calendar color-coded with tasks can help someone more than another coworker. Finding the best way to keep your work on track and making it to meetings on time will benefit you in the long-run at your company and throughout your entire career.