One of the most valuable things that entrepreneurs can have is knowledge. Learning from other entrepreneurs about their failures as well as triumphs are all great things to do . While you might not always be able to meet face to face with entrepreneurs or mentors there are many great resources online to tap into to gain valuable lessons. One of these resources are Ted Talks.

Embrace The Near Win –  Sarah Lewis

Sarah Lewis gives a great Ted Talk on how “near wins” give us the motivation to strive for bigger victories. Just as painters and musicians never see their work as finished or always think that they can improve on something, so can entrepreneurs. There is always room to grow as an entrepreneur. The “near wins” in the industry will be plentiful but that will only drive entrepreneurs further towards success or another goal.

The Single Biggest Reason Why Startups Succeed – Bill Gross

This TedTalk tries to find the reason on why some startups succeed while others fail. Bill Gross took a look at a multitude of reasons including the ideas, the team, the business model, the funding, and the timing across over 200 businesses. He found that the number one thing for business in succeeding was timing. It often mattered more when the business was launched and if the demand and need was there or if the consumer audience was ready for the business or product.

Should You Live For Your Resume…Or Your Eulogy – David Brooks

As entrepreneurs it can be easy to abandon the eulogy values and focus on your resume. The resume virtues being success, accomplishment and prestige and the eulogy values being how you love and connect with those around you. It can be hard, especially in this society, to balance the two and not focus so much on the resume side. David Brooks encourage entrepreneurs to take a step back and analyze if they are balancing the two selves and dedicating their energy to the right places.

Why The Best Hire Might Not Have The Perfect Resume – Regina Hartley

When building your team to help you grow your business you will be bombarded with a lot of resumes. While people with the perfect resume are certainly qualified, it is important to also consider others who are qualified but might not have the perfect resume. The underdog with passion and innovation might turn out to be more valuable than those with the perfect resume.