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Nick Zamucen

Nick-Anthony Zamucen is the founder of Bio-One Inc., the first successful franchised crime scene and hoarding cleanup company. Nick has worked in numerous capacities throughout his career, and has established tremendous credibility and rapport nationwide.

Nick Zamucen Success


Nick Zamucen’s success story is both inspiring and unsurpassed. Very rarely will you come across a franchising business which has a 100% success rate, yet Bio-One Inc is just that. Nick Zamucen first started Bio-One Inc. over twenty years ago, but only more recently did he begin franchising. What inspired Nick to franchise Bio-One, was the inconsistencies and fragmented market. Nick identified that due to the industry being partially regulated, crime scene cleaning companies were operating differently, which often times lead to failure.

Being able to run a successful crime scene cleaning company, or even training people to work as cleaners does not correlate into being able to run a million dollar franchised organization. It is through Nick Zamucen’s business model and leadership, that delivers the results.

Nick Zamucen also launched Best Option Restoration (B.O.R.) in March 2018, to assist those in need after a disaster has happened. Nick wanted to give others the opportunity to have the best option for restoration. B.O.R offers services such as water damage, fire damage, mold remediation, contents cleaning, commercial and large loss damage. Unlike other restoration companies, B.O.R. uses heat to speed up the drying process and moves much quicker, which can dry sites in a few hours compared to days from other companies.

A core belief of Nick’s is that you have to work every day as if you are going to lose your job; like that is your last to make a difference. This is what he teaches Bio-One franchisees, he believes this is the secret to Bio-One’s and B.O.R.’s incredible success. When sharing insight with those looking to begin a career in franchises, Nick Zamucen offers unparalleled advice and expertise. For Nick, he credits a great deal of his success with franchises to a multitude of things, one of which is his company culture.

As an entrepreneur, Nick Zamucen understands the value and importance in having open lines of communication amongst business partners. Connecting with your partners on a personal level encourages a family culture. Ultimately, for Nick, it’s about developing a team of partners that are the biggest fans of the organizations. Nick warrants the success of Bio-One to the mindset that he instills within his business partners. The franchise always comes first, it’s not about individual success, but rather collective success!

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